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Life Update

This Year started off with a move from Cincinnati, Ohio to Where we are currently which is Las Vegas, Nevada. Aside from the roller coaster of a cross country move that took place earlier this year; finding a place to live has proved to be the most difficult task I have ever encountered. So far, I have been living at the Motel 6, being that it is Pet inclusive and affordable to some degree. Signing a lease at the wrong place just because they're breed inclusive is not what I want to do, so this option has seemed to be the best fit.

Although I Show up as a detailer on social media , a lot of what I post about is what I have been going through Or something I can share to help the community that I am apart of. Everything on social media always looks like life is glued together when for some it is falling apart just to be put back together. Very soon ill be returning to do what love at a time where our occupation is oddly needed the most.

Since I have had time off from detailing, I have narrowed in on how I want to further serve the community that is forever growing by becoming a Mindset Business coach focusing on Male Confidence to help men better show up in their relationships, business and life. This includes relationships with money, fear, anxiety or anything else the highest version of yourself would disapprove of.

I have had a lot of beneficial life changing moments from other online mentors and coaches that have driven me to make the decision to help others online. I look forward to starting with the 7 detailers that did reach out to me about my 1 hour breakthrough sessions. This is the start to how I am making an impact beyond detailing. This is where I am currently in life. Very in-between but very hopeful.


I currently Have NO content on my YouTube Channel. I do however appreciate those that have subscribed early.

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