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Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic and protection with our comprehensive Gold Package. Utilizing products designed to shield your vehicle's surfaces, we ensure your interior is safeguarded against harmful UV rays, preventing cracking and fading. The exterior is meticulously decontaminated and sealed with an SiO2-based sealant for enduring protection and ease of maintenance.

  • Full Detailing Experience: Brings your vehicle back to new.

  • UV Protection: Protects interior from harmful UV rays, preventing leather cracking and plastic fading.

  • SiO2 Sealant: Decontaminated exterior with long-lasting protection and hydrophobic properties.

  • Comprehensive Interior Clean: Includes thorough vacuum, degreasing of high traffic areas, and cleaning of vinyl, plastic, trim, & windows.

  • Leather & Plastic Care: Leather cleaned and conditioned, all plastics sanitized and dressed.

  • Exterior Attention: Foam bath, wheel cleaning, and tires dressed.

  • Optional Hot Water Extraction: Starts at $99 for added upholstery shampoo or carpet extraction.

  • Flexible Pricing for Extra Soiling and Size: Additional fees for overly soiled vehicles and larger vehicles.

The Platinum Package takes vehicle detailing to the next level, offering all the benefits of the Gold Package with the addition of hot water extraction included. Expect the same high-quality protection against UV rays, with interior and exterior services designed to maintain and enhance your vehicle's appearance.

  • Advanced Detailing Service: Includes all Gold Package services plus hot water extraction.

  • Enhanced UV Protection: Interior surfaces protected against UV damage.

  • SiO2 Exterior Protection: Ensures long-lasting shield against the elements.

  • Deep Interior Clean: Thorough vacuum, degreasing, and cleaning of all interior surfaces.

  • Leather & Plastic Restoration: All leather and plastics receive premium treatment.

  • Spotless Exterior Finish: Complete foam bath, detailed wheel cleaning, and tire dressing.

  • Adaptable for Vehicle Conditions: Additional charges for specific cleaning needs and vehicle sizes.

Platinum Package

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Diamond Package

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Our Diamond Package promises not just to clean but to rejuvenate your vehicle. It encompasses all the offerings of the Platinum Package, plus engine bay detailing, ensuring every corner of your vehicle shines. From interior sanitation to exterior protection with SiO2 sealant, this package is the pinnacle of car detailing.

  • Premium Detailing Offering: Builds on Platinum services with engine bay detailing.

  • Ultimate Protection: Interior and exterior surfaces guarded against UV rays and environmental factors.

  • Engine Bay Detailing: Adds value and care to under-the-hood aesthetics.

  • All-Inclusive Interior and Exterior Care: From thorough interior cleaning to exterior wash and sealant application.

  • Headlight Restoration Service: Available upon request for dull, oxidized headlights.

  • Customizable for Extra Challenges: Tailored fees for special conditions like pet hair or excessive mud.

Our client-focused paint correction process begins at your doorstep with a personalized estimate to address your specific needs, desired outcome, and budget. A test spot demonstration highlights the potential transformation, restoring your vehicle's surface to a mirror-like finish. The service is completed within 1-3 days, depending on the vehicle's condition, and includes:

  • Personalized estimate and test spot demonstration.

  • Restoration of surfaces marred by oxidation or swirl marks.

  • A range of protection options, from SiO2-based sealant to 12 month, 2 & 3 Year Ceramic Coating options for both exterior and interior.


Unleash your vehicle's true potential with our tailored Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating services, ensuring lasting beauty and protection.

Paint Correction

+ Ceramic Coating

DALL·E 2024-04-04 17.48.38 - A close-up view of a car's surface during the paint correctio


Additional charges may apply for excessively soiled vehicles or larger vehicles (3rd row), ranging from $40-$80+

Maintenance details available to clients seeking routine professional car care 


Dropping your vehicle off and arranging a ride can be TIME CONSUMING.



WE offer mobile detailing SERVICES TO the henderson and NEAR BY LAS VEGAS areas.



Interior detailing is often overlooked when it comes to sanitization

The products we use stand up against all modern viruses. We even go as far as using products infused with antimicrobial to fight against the spread of harmful germs throughout your vehicle.

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 1.48.22 PM.png


Paint Correction is the removal of scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and other known defects which restore the overall appearance of your exterior.

Our paint correction prices are very affordable as well as our ceramic coating options.

The goal as your detailer is to not only provide a beautiful result, but to educate new and repeat clients on how to properly care for the vehicle they just further invested in.



Detailing is definitely  far beyond what you pay for at a car wash.


Inquiring about our AUTO DETAILING services is free and for most very beneficial.


Hiring the right professional is one click away.

We look forward to taking care of your Investment. 

Contact us to get started


Dive Into Detailing's Digital Heartbeat

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Step into a world where detailing questions meet instant, expert answers. Our Discord community is your go-to for real-time advice, daily mentorship, and a network of enthusiasts ready to welcome you. Join today and transform your approach to detailing with the support of friends who share your passion.

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