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How I Started Detailing

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Obviously, this has been a profession I was passionate about as a child.(cleaning/detailing cars) Everyone convinces you at a young age as to what seems ideal (as far as an occupation) to their visions of whats acceptable but this is what I have been doing my entire life (just not professionally)

Anyway, After separating from the military around June 2014, I began working in construction which was very fulfilling work, just not fulfilling enough.

It took me moving to Oahu Hawaii (after moving from North Carolina) to realize all of this. Originally I was going to be something practical (An electrician) but always found myself cleaning/detailing the work trucks. My boss also the owner (really amazing human) gave me the opportunity to pursue the idea i had to start this business. Did I take it as serious as I should have? No, Have i made mistakes? YES.

None of this has held me back though. Moving forward, the challenges ahead and the ones that have been put to rest define who we are in the realm we choose to exist in and be apart of. For anyone coming across this that is just starting out simply know this, there are people that will answer your questions and comments. (Not everyone is an a$@hole)

I still get excited answering questions and responding to comments, its not something that happens in the beginning. I have no idea what kind of impact ill make in detailing, I do however know this is my true calling and I have a voice in the space I've occupied.

Thank you to those who support our business


(Thats Brad & Jan for those new here) Jan is my cofounder and other half.

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